Insane by Josy57
montage à partir de 'Somnifer' de M-Tau

The woman, they say, is insane

Cette collection suit l'évolution d'une même idée sur plusieurs années et à travers plusieurs incarnations.

• Le chapitre 1 est un court poème en anglais écrit en 2018.
• Le chapitre 2 est une traduction en français de ce même poème.
• Le chapitre 3, est un nouveau poème en anglais qui utilise le texte de 2018 comme point de départ pour en explorer plus en avant les thèmes.
• Ce dernier poème, écrit en 2022, s'accompagne d'une vidéo, qui mêle voix, musique, et images, et que vous pouvez retrouver ici
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Genres: Poésie
Langue: Anglais, Français
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Chapters: 3 Completed: Oui Word count: 1252 Read: 1433 Published: 28/12/2018 Updated: 11/04/2022
Insane (2018) by Josy57
The woman, they say, is insane
She was bright once, bright and burning
A dark little girl with the sun in her palms
Now she’s only burning, a flame of a woman
A slender, slithering, dancing flame
Dangerous and devoured from within
Wild and feral, she has only one master
One demon, one shadow of a man she answers to
Faithful and loyal to a fault
She would go to any length
To the end of her rope
And far beyond the edge
Deranged, steadfast, and unhinged
She dares not speak his name
But she whispers to him
The words of a lover, a lieutenant, and slave
It’s maddening, this unearned, undeserved devotion
That’s what made her insane

She’s haunted and rotten to the bone
To the hollowed core of who she might have been
A gaunt face with ghostly persistence
She’s always by his side
She has bent her mind to make room for him
Emptied much of her heart and sharpened her teeth
The smile she’s kept is a knife meant for war
A sword held by the blade, desperately clung to
She’s committed and cruel, capable of all crimes.
They fight together as one united force.
Creatures of hell, the two of them alike.
One and the same.
One unyielding and relentless fire.
People say he’s the spark that drove her insane.
End Notes:
En espérant que ça vous a plu!

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